controller problems, anyone else experienced this?

controller problems, anyone else experienced this?

Post by Sean Aaro » Tue, 21 Apr 1998 04:00:00

Okay, I've got a QAccess Adaptec compatible FD/IDE/SCSI controller card
in a VESA-enabled 486 box.
I had only a 405MB Western Digital IDE drive (can't remember the model
off-hand--some obsolete Caviar drive) and recently added a Segate 41200N
SCSI drive (992 MB).  Since then I've had controller card failures doing
I/O to the WD drive during X sessions that cause the whole machine to
lock up forcing a hard reset.  I had originally installed OpenBSD 2.2 on
the IDE alone and could run X and Netscape without problems.  I'm
assuming there's some controller-level conflict happening, but can't see
how it could work fine until X comes up and I start working.  The
session will usually hang within 10 minutes and seems to be caused by
any I/O operation (mv ls etc)  The only console error I get is one
indicating an I/O failure to a wd0 partition and I can hear the drive
clicking over the same area.

I'm going to disconnect the SCSI drive to see if that helps (although
I'd rather have that standalone than the IDE); then I'll try a fresh
install on the sCSI drive and disconnect the IDE.  I just wondered if
anyone else had one of these controllers and what settings I could be
looking for.  I have the manual for the card, but it doesn't indicate
any special settings with regard to using an IDE boot drive and a
secondary SCSI drive.  Both format fine and have good I/O until I run X;
I can't imagine there's a video card conflict, because the cards
co-existed before the SCSI was added and have proper IRQ settings.  

Any help is appreciated.
Sean Aaron
Systems Administrator
The Dialog Corporation, plc.


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