KDE install problem solved

KDE install problem solved

Post by Arctic Wol » Fri, 31 May 2002 10:45:59

I posted a problem regarding a difficulty installing KDE 3.0 during the
initial installation of OpenBSD 3.1.  After installing the core
components of OpenBSD 3.1, you're given an option to install more stuff.
  During this addition installation of more stuff, I chose kde*, and
everything with a name that had kde was installed, but none of the
dependecies!  There are many necessary files that don't have kde in the
name.  When you install kdebase using the command pkg_add, dependencies
are installed along with the core components of KDE.
I'm posting this message for the benefits of others in the future.

1. why does kde sometimes install to /opt/kde, and sometimes to /usr/local/kde?

hi all,

why does kde, when compiled from scratch, sometimes install in
/opt/kde, and othertimes to /usr/local/kde? when I first installed
kde2.0 it went to /opt/kde, now I am compiling and installing kde2.0.1
and it is going to /usr/local/kde. I don't really care where it goes
but I would like to know why this is happening?? thanks for any info!



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