OpenBSD 2.8 on Quadra 800 problem

OpenBSD 2.8 on Quadra 800 problem

Post by ch480.. » Wed, 13 Dec 2000 10:59:29

I was trying to install OpenBSD 2.8 on Apple Quadra 800
computer, a 68040 machine.

Formatting and partitioning SCSI disk went without any
problem. One Root&Usr partition and one swap partition
were created for installation.

Then I run NetBSD/68K installer to install base.tgz
set. First it went quite smoothly then died with the
following error message:

SCSIRead() Error #5
SCSIWrite() Error #5
pos=0 i=6 fs=/
alloccggroup blk not found in Cyl

What's wrong? I tried various SCSI HDs and different
formatting & partitioning utilities without any luck.
The same error message appeared at different place
of installation.


Thanks for any help.

Chester Lin


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