Moving disks between NetBSD/sparc and OpenBSD/sparc?

Moving disks between NetBSD/sparc and OpenBSD/sparc?

Post by Volker Borcher » Tue, 27 Mar 2001 19:07:34


Is this possible without loss of data?

All machines are genuine Sun 4/75 (sun4c arch), in case it matters.

Thank you,
        V. Borchert



1. (Possibly dumb) Q: Move disks from OpenBSD-2.3/sparc to NetBSD-1.5/sparc ?

This is not intended as a flame bait.

I just want to cut down the number of U**x flavors I need - OpenBSD
<= 2.8 does not seem to support those Sun 3/80 (sun3x) machines I got
two years _after_ I chose OpenBSD as the OS for my file server.

I have two disks (1G /home & 18G /tools) that I'd like to move from
a Sparc-2 running OpenBSD-2.3 to another Sparc-2 running NetBSD-1.5.

Is this possible, or is there a risk of it not working or (worse)
data loss? In other words, how compatible are the FFS implementations
of OpenBSD-2.3 and NetBSD-1.5?

With SunOS for example, it is possible to mount disks newfs'd under
4.x on 5.x, while the other direction will probably not work.

Thank you,


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