modify the fingerprint's firewall

modify the fingerprint's firewall

Post by Sylva » Thu, 20 Mar 2003 23:08:46


Is there any possibility to modify the OpenBSD fingerprint's IP stack ?

I know a project like under Linux which is : IPPersonality at . But it's an IPTables modules
so impossible to use with OpenBSD.

I also know that pf could rewrite IP packet to generate better IP
authentification field for outgoing packets ; but i look for a soft
which could mistake nmap, xprobe, queso....



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I'd like to compute a number that will identify a ASCII text string of
10-2000 bytes length, sort of like a checksum or authentication technique.

I'd appreciate any fast code or algorithm, and it would be great if there
is some probability measure for false duplicates, that is, occurances of
the same fingerprint number for different strings.

Many thanks for any guidance you can give me,


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