CVS server timeouts - what ports does cvs use?

CVS server timeouts - what ports does cvs use?

Post by Hans » Thu, 18 Nov 1999 04:00:00

Openbsd 2.5 - generic
trying to use cvs, it timeouts every time.
I have tried many (over 7), i am wondering if I need to open something on my
ftp works just fine...
So what ports does a CVS server use anyway?




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I can't seem to find any documentation regarding the different directory
structures from the current (dev) CVS tree and the released structure.

In the releases, the source is in src/*

In the current (dev) CVS tree, the source is broken up into a few


Does anyone know why this is done this way?  Doesn't this confuse the

 Thanks for any help.


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