Help: ipsecadm usage ... and VPN setup using private networks

Help: ipsecadm usage ... and VPN setup using private networks

Post by Robert S. Sciu » Sat, 16 Oct 1999 04:00:00

I'm attempting to create a VPN between two RFC 1918 private address
networks.  One has a fixed IP address, the other is connected via a dialup
ISDN link and its IP address is dynamically assigned.  I've looked at the
mini-faq, the man pages etc., but it is not apparent on how to create the
SA's and the flows for this to occur.  

I have a reasonable way of sharing secrets between the two networks, but
is there any references on how to create the SA's and flows?? I see from
the ipsecadm man page that wildcard source or destination addresses are
allowed ( -- is that what I should be doing??  Also, when the link
goes down, what do I do to delete/re-initiate the SA's and flows upon startup?

I can initiate things with the ipup script in the ppp utility, (also the ipdown)
so I can create/delete things from a script.  I securely can tell the fixed
address what my dynamic IP address is, and also what the encryption keys are
(a C program), and can programmatically create/destroy the SA's and routes, but
I need specific assistance, as I've never done this aspect before -- HELP!

Any assistance is deeply appreciated: --- <dyn IP> --- ( internet ) --- <fixed IP> ---



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I have set up a VPN with an SSH tunnel with the following topology
|   |
|a.a.a.a(PUBLIC CLASS c)|____
------------------------    |
                        | |
                        |  ssh-ppp-vpn  |
                        |               |
                        | |
------------------------    |
B.B.B.B(public CLASS C)|____| C)   |
------------------------             |

I have set the routing up such that I can ping every ip address on the
A  and B internet(public) machines and the ppp tunnel. But if I am on
either machine or, I cannot ping from public to
oposite private or from private to private.  I have enabled IP
forwarding on both boxes.  Machine A is redhat 6.2 machine b is redhat
7 if that matters.  Any body have any idea what I should check to
enable private network to private network communication.

Todd Gruben
Daring Technologies
Austin Tx

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