Obfuse Error - Gurus Needed :)

Obfuse Error - Gurus Needed :)

Post by Orb1ta » Tue, 14 Dec 1999 04:00:00

I get the following error when I ddial or "term" with ppp:
"warning: deflink: dev/cua01: device not configured"
Now, I know my modem is on cua01 (was cua1 in 3 linux
distros, and com2 in dos, and I get error for cua01 even if
I set device differently in ppp.conf), and it is external
(should work; since my other external has SAME error it
can't be the modem).  My ppp.conf is set up EXACTLY like
the demo on openbsd.org... though I get error "unindented
command line 2... ignored," line 2 being that which
contains "set log...".  If anyone knows the meaning of the
aforesaid error--or, rather, its implications besides those
relating to modem hardware and device, which should be ok--
or any fix, please mail me and post a reply.  One thing I
wonder, though (btw I am new to BSD; I was a linux user),
is whether I need any devices to use cua01 (I don't have
ttyS1 and I wonder if that is it; tell me what I need and I
will add em to a new kernel).  THis is my last resort; I
have tried site bbses and irc... please, gurus - help me :)
mail me if you wnat my ppp.conf.  - Orb1tal

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