Hardware support: IBM ServeRAID controllers

Hardware support: IBM ServeRAID controllers

Post by Eric Eekho » Fri, 17 Jan 2003 22:16:28


I was wondering wether anyone had any experience using IBM ServeRAID
controllers with OpenBSD. I've checked the 'Supported hardware' list,
and it wasn't mentioned there. A post on usenet from half a year ago
shows there was a plan to support this controllers:

Does anybody know the current status of this plan?
Or does anybody has any experience using these cards with OpenBSD?




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I recently picked up an IBM PC Server 704 from onsale.com, and it came with
this adapter card. I have not seen any linux support for this driver, while
it does come with drivers for SCO, UnixWare, and Solaris. Has anyone had any
experience with this? I heard that IBM has recently started supporting some
of their hardware for linux.

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