Error Message That I can't Figure Out

Error Message That I can't Figure Out

Post by Mark Haas » Sun, 04 Jun 2000 04:00:00

Hey, I'm running OBSD on a quadra 610. I keep getting this error message
(in fact I got it while typing in the subject) that says
"Jun 3 14:51:21 MARX last message repeated 3 times" or some variation on
that. What message is repeating? I never see anything but the error.
what can i do to trace down this problem and eliminate it?

also, I wish to setup a webserver and ftp server on this box. there's an
ftp daemon already installed i believe, but is there a good, free web
server out there? i'm looking for one that perhaps has security zones, ala

in addition, i'm trying to decide on how to manage security. i have a
dedicated hardware router for my lan to an adsl modem. should i setup a
DMZ for this box? or should I leave it behind the firewall and just tunnel
http and ftp ports? and is it dangerous to leave telnet open? it might be
handy, but I'm no security expert, so I can't be certain that my machine
is very well safe-guarded.

thanks for any help :)

mark haase


1. can you figure out this compile error message?

I am having a problem porting our application to an AT&T system 7000
release 3 machine running SVR4 from a release 2 machine.  I have ld problems.

    + uanme -a

    SMP_DC.OSx yeti 1.1-93c062 dcosx MIServer-S 2/256 r3000)

I am linking 7 application libraries, 3 JAM libraries, 2 Teradata libraries,
a Sybase library, as well as -lnsl, -lgen and -lm.  Our 5 main application
libraries look like this:

  # functions       lib
  -----------       ---
    595         libPSMF.a
    878         libPSMc.a
    475         libPSMf.a
     13         libPSMg.a
    337         libPSMs.a

If I try to compile...
    + /usr/ucb/cc -o prism prism.o prisminst.o \
        -lnsl -lgen -lm

ld: ./libPSMF.a: libelf error:  Memory error: vm stats elf_begin:

But if I do a small compile:

    + /usr/ucb/cc -o t t.c -Wl,-L.,-L/nsd6/prsmsoft/dex/lib -lPSMF

it works fine so libPSMF seems OK!

If I switch the ordering of the libs I get the same error message on a
different lib (the 7th, no matter what the 7th is).

I tried to combine the 5 libs listed above into one big one and I got an ar
message "Out of memory".

I don't think it is my ulimit, since it is set to 4096000.

I did df -k of /tmp /usr/tmp and $PWD and not of them were even close to full.

It happens whether I use "cc" or "/usr/ucb/cc".

This should be a huge executable.  On a System 7000 R2 machine it is:

    -rwxr-x---   1 prsmsoft onlprism 6930432 Nov 19 12:40 prism

Could this size be a problem?  It is about 45% bigger the the kernel!  I know
it is not a good idea to have such large executables, but we have strong
reasons for doing this (we use JAM which forces you to have one big executable).

Do you have any idea what the error message means? Any help would be
greatly appreciated.

Glenn Robitaille

(908) 457-5072
Glenn Robitaille

(908) 457-5072

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