Problem booting from 2.6 CDROM on i386

Problem booting from 2.6 CDROM on i386

Post by Peter Edd » Sun, 05 Mar 2000 04:00:00

Hi,  I've just received my 2.6 OpenBSD CDROM and I'm trying to boot it
from an IDE CDROM configured as my second IDE device.  Though my
computer supports booting from CDROM (and it works with Linux) I'm
unable to do so with OpenBSD.  Therefore, I made a boot floppy using dd
on Linux which seems fine, it boots and I get the "boot>" prompt, but
this boot loader is unable to find the CDROM.

When I try to boot directly from the CD the system hangs very early on,
basically (it appears) as soon as the BIOS attempts to use the CD as the
boot source.

I've looked through the FAQ and checked but have found nothing
relevant.  Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Peter Eddy

OpenBSD 2.6 i386 CD
IBM 365 Pentium Pro, 32M RAM


1. Problems with disklabel with 2.6 (i386).

My problem involves disklabel, on a i386 machine running v2.6
of OpenBSD.

After adding a second (IDE) drive to my system, I decided that
I would install OpenBSD, Win95 and Linux onto my (only) machine.
These are fresh (default) installs.

I can boot all three OS's without problems. Linux and Win95 are
fine, but OpenBSD will not recognise my DOS/Linux partitions...

"#disklabel /dev/wd1c" will give me a load of rubbish. It says
my second disk is full of BSD partitions. It is not, as I have
Linux and Win95 on my second disk (openbsd on the first disk).

"#disklabel -d /dev/wd1c" will give the correct parameters, as
I can see the MS-DOS and Linux partitions described in the output.

However, I am un-able to mount the DOS/Linux partitions as they
are described in the output of disklabel with the "-d" switch.

I know they are there, "disklabel -d" knows they are there. But
mount just refuses to let me mount my linux and dos partitions.

Can anyone suggest a course of action?



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