freebsd hangs after kernel config

freebsd hangs after kernel config

Post by Ron Ries » Fri, 04 Jul 2003 05:40:37

Got Freebytes 4.8 disk from cheapbytes.  When I install I go through
driver selection in "Kernel Configuration Menu" and adjusted all but
address for floppy drive which is 03F0.  It cannot be changed.  All of
my systems show this as 03F2.  Even tried to eliminate the driver
entirely.  Same result.  Tried on my amd k6/2 and Pentium  200 MHz
platform with same result.  Tried OpenBSD and it hangs too after it
displays its "automatic" (I guess) configuration.  Can't determine how
to narrow the problem to disk or my hardware.  Any help appreciated.

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I just installed Yggdrasil Summer 94 and am attempting to reconfigure
kernel to deal with my having left my SB16 SCSI-II on its default IRQ.
When the config plays and calls sound/config, I get asked for settings on
every card available, with no option to only use mine.  Then it errors out
because the values conflict.

Does anyone have any ideas?



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