Random Crashing.

Random Crashing.

Post by Devin Naqu » Fri, 04 Jul 2003 09:23:44

Recently I put up an OpenBSD 3.3 router/firewall/access point.
Configuration is as follows:
sis0 external network
sis1 internal wired network
wi0 internal wireless network

It seems to be crashing at random times for various different reasons.
Sometimes, it'll just stop passing network traffic, so I'll fire it up
on a monitor and see what's happening and after a short while, it'll
kernel oops. Sometimes, I'll get oversized packets in my logs and work
fine with no network for a couple seconds before a kernel oops.
Sometimes there's no sign in /var/log/messages, sometimes there's
something like "Jul 1 18:23:44 hive /bsd: sis0: watchdog timeout".
Sometimes after doing it, nothing will display and a cold reboot is
the only fix. I don't get any information in /var/crash.

For a while I thought it only happened under load, but that went out
the window when it crashed today when no network traffic was passing.
I had a top running over ssh, so I have some stats from a couple
secconds before it crashed, but all seems fine. 99.4% idle CPU and
41Mb or ram free. Only my normal processes are running and none seem
to be hogging.

It seems more often that not there's no sign in logs, but I do think
it only happens when I am running my computer through the internal
network on sis1, I don't think it has crashed when something wasn't on
the internal network, but I'm not entirely sure. It never seems to
crash even when I'm accessing through wi0, but once something gets on
sis1, it'll go down sometime.

It doesn't seem that any of the kernel oops are being repeated, but I
do have one saved:

sis0: watchdog timeout
kernel: page fault trap, code=0
Stopped at _m_freem+0x29

But when I can get it to give me a display after it has stopped
passing network traffic, it doesn't seem to give the same kernel
error. Overall, nothing seems consistant, which leads me to believe
it's hardware, but I'm not sure. Anyone with better ideas/test/plan of
action please share.

I'm not that knowledgable on the *BSD, so if there's any more
information I could be providing, just tell me how to get it. The two
network cards are both Netgear SOMEMODEL. If that model number is
important, I could get that too. Network relevent dmesg output

sis0 at pci0 dev 13 function 0 "NS DP83815 10/100" rev 0x00: irq 9
address 00:40:f4:5f:fe:38
nsphyter0 at sis0 phy 0: DP83815 10/100 integrated, rev. 1
sis1 at pci0 dev 14 function 0 "NS DP83815 10/100" rev 0x00: irq 9
address 00:40:f4:5f:fc:bd
nsphyter1 at sis1 phy 0: DP83815 10/100 integrated, rev. 1

Devin Naquin


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