Frequency of rollouts

Frequency of rollouts

Post by Alexey G. Khramk » Sun, 22 Jun 2003 16:56:11


I guess I fall into gap between i386/ELF stage 1 and i386/ELF stage 2.
My keyboard under X generates only SPACE end ENTER chars.

1) I get stage 1 snapshot w/o X.
2) Upgrade.
3) Uninstall ports.
4) anoncvs
5) make build
6) install ports. Trouble: tk does'n build w/o X libs. X libs are old a.out.
I can't "make build" X.
7) I get X stage 2.
8) Upgrade to mix.
9) Uninstall ports.
10) anoncvs
11) make build
12) install ports (tk)
13) make build (X). Trouble: X has weird keyboard.

I don't think X is broken, but I have not enough time for download new
snap w/ X in one night.

Q: When frequency of rollouts will be at least one release/4 days?
Lag of mirrors doesn't help me much. :)



1. UNIX rollout strategies

I've got a group project assigned to four other students and myself in
my networking class.

We need to 'Implement and maintain a fully-functional UNIX or Linux
network.' he didn't really elaborate on requirements, but he wants an
outline of each person's duties in the group.

This isn't going to be too difficult, as I'm familiar enough with linux
to do this, but I've never really had to deal with a _team_ of people
who are responsible for the rollout. I think I've been elected the
leader of the group on account of the fact that I'm the only one in it
who's even dealt with UNIX.

What I want to do, instead of aiming at just slapping up a Linux box and
a few clients, is simulate how a UNIX implmentation would go in the
field. I have no idea how a tasks would be distributed to team members
in a UNIX rollout, and I was wondering if anyone out there had any
insight to offer me on the matter. My instructor is an NT zombie, so
he's pretty much useless as a resource, as are any of the class
materials. The class is entitled 'Networking essentials', but the text
is an NT administrators handbook. Go figure.

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