Console settings

Console settings

Post by Eric Murph » Thu, 28 Jun 2001 06:32:49

Is there anyway I can change the default system console settings in
Linux or BSD?

For example, have my font be a different size and color, maybe have a
longer line width, etc. Would it be possible for a change like this to
be visible right from the initial boot output?



Console settings

Post by Han » Thu, 28 Jun 2001 09:04:09

Eric Murphy schreef de met > gemarkeerde tekst.

Quote:> Is there anyway I can change the default system console settings in
> Linux or BSD?

Yes look into the manuals and internet for more information.

For Linux search on framebuffers.
For OpenBSD search for wscons.

Try to find out as much as possible by yourself.

And please don't multipost (If you are).

Groetjes, Han.


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->System Environments
 -->Manage Language Environment
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And I chose ISO8859-1 FR_FR ( For all setting )
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