new kernel woes

new kernel woes

Post by Ted Sikor » Thu, 29 Jun 2000 04:00:00

I installed 2.7 tonight and everytime I build a kernel routing breaks.
It gives a routing ::1: error on bootup and the default gateway is
disabled. The orig kernel is fine though. Anyone else getting this?

Ted Sikora
Jtl Development Group


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I hate to ask the often answered, but I have a TDK VeloCD CD-RW in my PII
233 machine installed as a master on the secondary IDE. I'm running
Mandrake-linux 7.0, and of course I get the bad link problem. I have run the
fix suggested on Mandrake's Web-page, but I can't figure a way to make the
fix either permenant or automatic. The fix (in case you haven't seen it is
to run "cdrecord -scanbus" to check for the presence of a working CD-RW,
then to type "cd /dev && rm cdrom && ln -s scd0 cdrom" in a terminal) This
fix works but there's got to be a better way...any thoughts.

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