Sound on Mac/68k port?

Sound on Mac/68k port?

Post by Jaime Kikpol » Wed, 14 May 1997 04:00:00

        Is there any sound support on the Mac/68k port of either NetBSD or
OpenBSD?  In particular, I'd be interested in NAS (Network Audio System?)
support.  I'll be primarily using a Mac IIx.  Thanks.



1. Mac 68K and PPC port... making Apple contacts

On the Mac developer-relations mailing list "Semper-Fi", recent posts from
Apple engineers and managers (!) have suggested that they are quite willing
to aid the project. I have been walking the Web pages (well, the PPC
pages seems to be having problems) and getting contacts for the Mac project.
I will be mailing a bunch of names on the list to try and build a
cohesive and specific list of hardware and software interfaces that
the Linux team needs to accomplish this task.

This is the time to stop bitching about Apple, and come forward with a
bulleted list. I would like to see (or manage) a Web page that relfects
the Mac-Linux needs and their status of resolution.

Please drop me a line (or respond here), and I will send out a message
later tonite to anyone on my "contacts" list.


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