Linux root.root -> OBSD root.?

Linux root.root -> OBSD root.?

Post by Jerom » Sat, 25 Jan 2003 12:49:37

In linux I had a bunch of files permitted as  chown root.root  but OpenBSD
tells me there's no "root" group (which there isn't) so what do I use for
a group? wheel? When I create a file as root it sets the group to the user
I was before I su-ed to root.


1. Mail:root -> 553.5.5.4<root>...

I don't send Email with mail CDE aplication :

 553.5.5.4 <root>... Domain name required for sender address root .

I use Sendmail, where Would I specify domain of root ?

 FreE wOrlD = FrEe cOdE
 By NeCrOS.

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