Installing driver for an Onboard NIC

Installing driver for an Onboard NIC

Post by Douglas Robinso » Mon, 29 Nov 1999 04:00:00


    I have a little problem. I have installed OpenBSD

(OpenBSD noname 2.5 GENERIC#243 i386) on a old computor

I picked up for nothing. The problem is the NIC fails

at init time. Here are the lines from dmesg:

le0 at isa0 port 0x360-0x377 irq 15 drq 6: NE2100 Ethernet

le0: address 08:00:36:01:db:37

le0: 8 receive buffers, two transmit buffers




le0: controller failed to initialize

le0: controller failed to initialize

Will somebody tell me how to make this sucker


Thanks for your time!


Doug Robinson - Tactical Software


1. Asus P4PE onboard lan driver bcm4401 / bcm4400 RedHat 8.0 linux install : SOLVED

Keywords for search:
Asus P4PE lan driver bcm4401 / bcm4400 install redhat red hat 8.0
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For RH 8.0, to install lan driver, after doing 'make' I was getting
lot of errors, because I had not installed kernel developement
packages needed to build the driver.

Use the Red Hat RPM Package Management tool to install the Kernel
Development package:
- kernel-source
- libacl-devel
- libattr-devel

then follow the procedure in release.txt for the linux driver on Asus
Should work fine. Then configure the device in by any way you like.

Make sure that gcc is already installed.

I found the solution here :

Thanks to KevinJ and derek.eder
now I have to work to get the onboard sound working...


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