Adaptec 7890 on-board SCSI support?

Adaptec 7890 on-board SCSI support?

Post by Bruce Fletche » Fri, 29 Oct 1999 04:00:00

I have a couple OpenBSD boxes running already, and now I need to set up
an OpenBSD web/database server. I'm looking at maybe using an Asus P2B-S
motherboard with an on-board Adaptec 7890 Ultra2 SCSI controller. Is
that likely to work?  It isn't a listed SCSI chipset in the i386
hardware list, but since the 7870 and 7880 are there, I expect it might
be ok?

Asus also has a P2B-LS with in Intel 82558 10/100 ethernet adapter
on-board (which is listed as supported hardware).  If I pop a 3Com 905B
in as well, will I have any trouble with mixed-vendor hardware?

Thanks for any advice,
- Bruce

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