Happy Hacking keyboard + USB KVM == strange keyboard layout

Happy Hacking keyboard + USB KVM == strange keyboard layout

Post by Kirk Strause » Sun, 29 Sep 2002 00:30:04

I've just installed OpenBSD 3.1 on an i386 server.  I'm using a Happy
Hacking keyboard (PS/2) connected via a Belkin KVM that translates the
keyboard and PS/2 mouse signals to USB.  The setup works perfectly, even
during the initial install, with one exception: the '\|' key generates '#~'
(that is, '\' results in '#', and '|' gets '~').  I'm really an OpenBSD
newbie (although the excellent man pages gave me a working bridge/firewall
within hours of installation), and I'm not sure where to start looking for a
solution to this weird little problem.
Kirk Strauser

1. Happy Hacking Keyboard Lite Mk 2 USB Problems with 2.4.18.


Does anyone here have a USB Happy Hacking Keyboard Lite Mk 2 keyboard?

On connecting to my 2.4.18 Linux system I find that it works great,
except that certain triples of keys produce four characters instead of
three when typed in rapid succession.  This happens under XFree86 and
also at a tty.  For example, typing `swa' rapidly produces `swaw'.

Further investigation revealed that only certain combination of keys
exhibit the problem.  More examples are

    keys produces
    rty    rtty
    yui    yuui
    tyu    tyuy
    swa    swaw
    jhg    jhgh

But other won't show the problem, e.g. `zxc', `asd', and `qwe'.

My theory is that usbkbd.o doesn't cope with ErrorRollover which is
being generated, unlike hid.o which didn't used to but does now.


Diffing 2.4.18's usbkbd.c against 2.5.7 suggests the problem still
exists in 2.5.7.

I'd like to know that others can re-produce the problem.



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