Sendmail & OBSD 2.4 - can't deliver local mail.

Sendmail & OBSD 2.4 - can't deliver local mail.

Post by David MacBrid » Fri, 07 May 1999 04:00:00

Sendmail 8.9.3
OpenBSD 2.4 stock

Sendmail accepts incoming messages no problem, but when it tries to
deliver it to the local mailer, the local mailer won't work.  The error
message is: "mail.local: may only be run by the superuser".

mail.local is a binary in the /usr/libexec.  It is readable and
executable by every one.  It is chown root, chgrp bin.  Sendmail is in
the /usr/sbin directory, its permissions are "-r-sr-xr-x", chown root,
chgrp kmem.

Does anyone have any thoughts?  I've tried chgrp wheel sendmail -
doesn't work.  I'm really stumped here.

Any efforts are ideas are greatly appreciated.  If possible, please
email me as I don't check the group that often.


Dave MacBride


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