what happened to my ethernet card? (newbie question)

what happened to my ethernet card? (newbie question)

Post by r.. » Wed, 28 Apr 1999 04:00:00

I have installed OpenBSD for the first time. The install floppy clearly and
correctly identifies my Ethernet card and is able to get me the kernel
(bsd), base and etc packages through ftp. But when I reboot after having
received congratulations upon a succesfull installation the card is no
longer "seen" during start up nor is it working or show up in the list
produced by ifconfig -a ... There is nothing about this in the man
afterboot, as far as I can see.
The /etc/hostname.we1 (why not 0?) looks like this:

inet    NONE media 10base2

None of the FLAGS mentioned in man afterboot, but where do I find what to
put into there?

I did consider the possibility that the card died (it is old, I know), but
using the install floppy I verified it's condition.

Any help appreciated!


what happened to my ethernet card? (newbie question)

Post by r.. » Wed, 28 Apr 1999 04:00:00

Additional remark: I just tried another install from floppy and after the
install i tried ifconfig -a and then there is a proper entry for the
ethernet card (we1)... but after reboot: nothing again. I am beginning to
think there are two different kernels floppy and bsd ??


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