SSH question

SSH question

Post by James Moor » Mon, 03 Apr 2000 05:00:00

I believe I've made a boo-boo somehow during installing ssh on my 2.6.
I d/l the latest using 'pkg_add' (ssh-intl-1.2.27.tgz).

This seemed to go wonderfully... post-install msgs from SSH said that
it would start automatically on next re-boot, and could be started
immediately fm the cmd line: "/usr/local/sbin/sshd".

I tried this & got errors:
"/usr/local/etc/sshd_config: No such file or directory"
"error: fatal: Could not load host key ...."

Hmmm - well, of course there is no /usr/local/etc -anything... the
files are in /etc where they're supposed to be. Consulting the trusty
man pages confirmed the files (sshd_config & ssh_host_key) were
installed in the correct (default) location. The following command
started sshd without complaints:
"/usr/local/sbin/sshd -f /etc/sshd_config -h /etc/ssh_host_key"

So my thinking is that I must've screwed something up during the
install to make it look for these files in the wrong location
(probably due to my general Unix ignorance). I logged in as a user in
"wheel", and then su'd to root before doing the "pkg_add". Of course I
issued the pkg_add for SSH from the user's home dir (i.e. not /root).

Finally - my questions: I'd like to get some enlightenment and advice
on this...
1) Where did I go wrong?
2) Should I remove & re-install (or otherwise re-config) SSH the
"right way" to avoid any security risks?

James Moore