Post by Joh » Wed, 12 Jun 2002 18:59:04

Hi, Im having a problem, and was wondering can anyone help.
When running ldapadd I get the following error "no write access to

I can use -x option but I dont want to do this. I have Cyrus SASL,
Kerberos, OpenSSl, OpenLdap and Berkely DB all installed and
operational. I have made progress but now this error is impeding my
progress. Any help would be appreciated


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selling the Netscape version. We are running an old copy from
Netscape. We need to move this off an AIX box to a SUN. Is the SUN
product any better than the Netscape release? Will Sun dump their code
over Netscape, i.e. does Sun have a history of doing this?  What about
OpenLdap? Is this worth messing with? We would like software support,

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