Upgrade 6.2 -> 7.1 complains about /dev/hda5 not being cleanly dismounted

Upgrade 6.2 -> 7.1 complains about /dev/hda5 not being cleanly dismounted

Post by Larr » Sun, 21 Oct 2001 04:31:19

I am upgrading 6.2 -> 7.1

I select Upgrade existing Installation and the installer
complains about /dev/hda5 not being cleanly dismounted.

Ran e2fsck and there were some problems not many,  but had the same

Running e2fsck on /dev/hda5  gives me headaches anyway...

No system problems,

Any ideas on how to:
a) run e2fsck and make sure that when it completes /dev/hda5 will be
ok for the installation
b) get the installer to ignore this check and continue.




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        Hi all,

        When I try to upgrade my RH7.1 to the 7.2,
after asking me if I want to customize packages to
be upgraded (I say no to this) it says that some
volume have not been unmounted cleanly, reboot and
fsck them... There are no problems with any partition
so I don't understant... I even tried to boot in init
level 1 and unmounted all partitions 1 by 1 and
remounted the / read only to be sure... I checked
with fdisk and there are no other partitions than
the 3 I have...

        Any clue ? Thanx...
   \^/   Cordialement/Regards,
 -/ O \--Alexandre (Midnite) Jousset-----------


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