Redhat 6.2 with kernel 2.4.x or Redhat 7.2 ?

Redhat 6.2 with kernel 2.4.x or Redhat 7.2 ?

Post by Ehud Shabt » Wed, 27 Feb 2002 22:06:43


My system is currently running with RedHat 6.2(gcc 2.95.2) but due to
large network uses I'm required to install a new 2.4.x kernel (tests
show that it handles stress much better).

The question is whether to upgrade only the kernel or a full
distribution. The upgrading itself is not an issue as I have no
problem to start from a clean installation. The issue is the risk
taken in a move to 7.2. The application which runs on the machine,
requires much networking and uses many threads (it's rather heavy). It
was tested and seems to run with Redhat 7.2 (downgrading to gcc

So, why is it worth upgrading to 7.2? Are there any issues in 6.2
which may advise not to stay with it?

Please advise.


1. install problems, redhat 6.2 vs redhat 7.2 on PC-104+ single board computer

Hi all,

This is my first venture into trying to create a (pseudo) embedded
system, so please pardon the naivete.

I am trying to install redhat 7.2 on a Tiny886ULP-X from Advanced Micro
Peripherals (UK).  This is a PC-104+ single board computer with a 666mhz
transmeta, 256mb ram, video, ethernet, a 132mb compactflash on the IDE
as the primary master (looks like a disk), and an ATAPI compatible CDROM.

So, I boot off the CD, and .....

The symptom is that the CD boots fine, but cannot proceed past keyboard
selection. I select English as the language, US as the keyboard, and
then it goes to look for the install files on the CD, and asks me where
to find the installation files, giving me the hard drive as the only
option to install from.

Redhat 6.2 boots and installs fine, with the exception that I can't get
it to install with under 132mb of flashdisk space.  However, it does
find the files on the CD,(it does not prompt for me to show it where the
files are on the hard drive) and allows me to reformat/repartition the
flash-disk and select install packages before it tells me there's not
enough diskspace. So, if I did have enough space on the flash (which I
will soon) I could install 6.2 just fine.

I have been suspecting that the 7.2 boot kernel is trying to do
something fancy with DMA/UDMA on the CDROM, so I have tried booting by
passing the flag "linux ide=nodma" to the boot kernel. This yielded
exactly the same results.

I'd like to get 7.2 up because of the 1394 support in their standard kernel.



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