Development Tools C/C++

Development Tools C/C++

Post by Joaquin Rapel » Sun, 11 Feb 2001 03:06:14


Could you please recommend me good tools for C/C++ developing under

I am looking for:

1. A good editor (developing environment) with:
a. Syntax highlighting,
b. Function/Message name completion. In the past I have tried Visual
Slick Edit
that when you start typing the name of a class/message/function already
in your project it automatically completes the name,
c. The editor should we able to run gcc and highlight compilation

2. A profiler which gives me information about the runtime of a program.
In the
past I have used tools for Smalltalk that analyzed a program while
and were displaying a graph showing which message was calling which
apart from many other runtime statistics,

3. Some tool for generating automatic documentation like javadoc in Java

4. With the compiler and de* I am more than comfortable with gcc
and gdb
but I would like to hear suggestions.

As usual thank in advance for your great help,


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: :
: : Personally I believe C++ leaped off the edge, and they should have
: : never added templates, but that is my personal opinion.
: I think implicit instantiation of templates was definitely jumping off
: the deep end. Explicit instantiation seems more reasonable and within
: the realm of human capabilities to implement robustly.

Can someone explain this to me?  I don't know much about compiler
implementation, and would like to know why templates are so troublesome.
As a developer, I find them very useful.

: Larry Edwards
Jerry J. Shekhel

                ,    ,                         ,
"Is maith liom Mi Mheain an tSamhraidh." - M. Ni Chobhthaigh

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