Problems Instaling Red Hat 8.0

Problems Instaling Red Hat 8.0

Post by Rob » Thu, 26 Dec 2002 02:03:53

I am trying to install RedHat 8.0 on my new VPR Matrix desktop.  It is going
to be a dual boot between XP on one hard drive and RedHat on the second
drive.  The problem is that during the install process, the install locks
up.  During the initial boot off of the CD, it gets stuck on the following:

hda: hd1

It just sits there trying to read the second drive.  There is nothing on the
second drive.  I have tried it with a Windows partition on the drive as well
as just a blank drive.  The two drives are on a built in RAID controller.
Not sure if that may not be the problem.

Any ideas?



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Here's my problem:
Various pieces of Red Hat keep saying that I am missing a file and
that it needs to be installed with a certain package (namely most of
the Kontrol Panel).  But I have been unsuccessful at finding where
this is done.  I am still a newbie with Linux, but I would assume that
there should be an "Add/Remove Programs" equivalent with Linux.

Please help!

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