increase # of facilities for syslog

increase # of facilities for syslog

Post by Pranozz » Sun, 29 Jun 2003 06:09:48

Hi All
I have a syslog server with RedHat 8.0. Currently i have 8
devices(mostly routers and switches) logging to the syslog server to
different files using those 8 facilities. And they are working fine.
But I have more devices to log to separate files on the same syslog
server. Is there any way to run multiple syslog daemon on the same
redhat box(so that i can have more than 8 facilites for more than 8
devices) or is there any way to increase the # of facilities for

You help is appreciated


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Dear All,

I'm using one machine as router, and a second one as file-server
and as log-host for the router (using the syslog utility). As far as I
understand, I will have to use a special facility to get the messages
of the router in a seperate file ?

Is it possible to introduce a new facility into syslog, or is it possible to
use filtering stuff (grep, sed, awk), or some entry in the syslog.conf file,
in order to seperate messages from a special host to a special file ?

Kind Regards,


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