getting ~/.xsession working on Redhat/GNOME combo

getting ~/.xsession working on Redhat/GNOME combo

Post by Glen » Thu, 09 May 2002 17:34:27


I'd like to be able to have an ~/.xsession executed each time I log into
my RH/GNOME box.  I'd rather not have to manually hack the rather ugly
~/.gnome/session file ... I much prefer the simplicity of the old
.xsession files (a la .bash_profile).

What is the easiest way to achieve this?  Which file in /etc/X11 do I
have to modify to get this to work?



1. has anyone gotten gnome to work in redhat 5.0?

After my second try at getting gnome to run under redhat 5.0 I have
become very frustrated. First of all their website says to get all the
listed RPM's, fine. They say to get gnome-network, which does not even
exist! Now comes the fun lib part. After installing all the image libs
ok, every rpm bitches it needs The closest thing I can
find is Hmmm, I linked to
hoping to fool it, no go. Ah the hell with it I will force everything.

After installing all those I edit my xinit file and everything looks
good, then it bombs out with

guile: no module something or other gtk (gtk).

This looks like the most half assed piece of software I have ever seen.
Has anyone really gotten it to work besides redhat labs? They can't even
be nice enough to tell you ahead of time what libs it needs. At least
kde and olvwm still work. Enlightenment looks OK but it needs like 40
rpms installed. I might try blackbox and see how it works.

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