REQ: help, simply mounting MSDOS floppy!

REQ: help, simply mounting MSDOS floppy!

Post by James Richard Tyre » Tue, 29 May 2001 12:26:31

> REQ:  help, simply mounting MSDOS floppy!

> Okie doke.  I guess this will take a while, before I can learn what
> you guys do instinctively.  But, I'm just trying to mount the silly
> floppy, darn it!  Probably a 10-year-old could advise me on this one,
> huh?

> So, in RedHat v 7.1, using Gnome, I go into the console.  If what I
> think I see makes sense, I need to CD down to the root before the
> mount location is read by the system (I am not yet up on relative path
> here...).  In any case, when I do "fdisk -l", it doesn't show the
> floppy.  So I do this:
>     mount -t msdos fd0 /dev/floppy
> I had looked in File System and found a directory called /dev/floppy
> and figured that would be a great place to mount the floppy.  But I
> get the response:
>     "mount point /dev/floppy does not exist"
> So, frustrated, I next try this (figuring that /dev does exist):
>     mount -t msdos fd0 /dev
> And it responds with this:
>     "special device fd0 does not exist"

The device is:  /dev/fd0.  You need the full path.


> So, I try with fd1, fd2, fd3, fd4, fd5, fd6, none of which apparently
> exist.

> Do I need to have a floppy in the drive as the system starts?


Quote:> What am I doing right and wrong here?

You appear to be guessing at what to do.

Quote:> And, why does /dev/floppy directory not exist when I can clearly see it
> in File System?

It isn't a directory, it is a link.

You need a directory to mount the floppy to.  The standard would be [if
you only have one floppy]:


If these directories do not exist, you need to make them.  They should
be:  root:root  777

The command is:

    mount  -t  msdos  /dev/fd0  /mnt/floppy