Newbie Requesting dual boot setup with win2k and red hat 7.1 using NTloader if possible

Newbie Requesting dual boot setup with win2k and red hat 7.1 using NTloader if possible

Post by Cell » Sun, 02 Sep 2001 10:39:44

Hello, I have just installed Red Hat 7.1 on to my pc which is already
running win2k.  I have both installed on one HD, win2k is hda1 and is 10G,
Red hat is hda2 and is 6.5G,  I installed LILO on hda2 in my /root because I
tried to setup it up by copying the lilo.cnf file to win2k and use ntloader
to load red hat, I read it on this online guide but it didn't work.  My
win2k(hda1) is ntfs format and I think that might be causing the problem is
there away to fix that, I also believe I passed the 1024 cylinder border
but, when I installed red hat, it recognized my bios as support boot passed
this border.  I would prefer using ntloader to boot, but if there is no way
to boot from it then what steps can I use to boot red hat from HD, It boots
fine with a boot disk, can anyone help, and since you know I'm a newbie
anyone have any good website for new users.

Thank you for your help


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I'm trying to get RH7.1 and Win2k to dual boot off NTloader, but I've
had several

Number 1 is that RH7.1 insists on overwriting the MBR even when
instructed to write
to the /boot partition (which it correctly identifies as /dev/hda2.  Thankfully
lilo -u works fine!

Booting off floppy works perfectly, but doing the usual NT Loader boot peeling
trick off the floppy doesn't work - when Linux is chosen from NT Loader,
I get
a rather unhelpful blank screen with "Boot failed" on it and nothing else.

Am I condemned to floppy boot hell, or has anyone any ideas?  Oddly, lilo.conf
has a boot=/dev/hda, despite RH indicating that it's going for
/dev/hda2.  This
isn't in keeping with what it was asked to do, but if it got it wrong once,
could changing this straighten it out?

George Buchanan

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