newbie-How to upgrade from RH 7.2 to RH 7.3?

newbie-How to upgrade from RH 7.2 to RH 7.3?

Post by Carl » Tue, 17 Sep 2002 04:36:48

David is right, very easy. But you will have a complete backup of your
7.2 system prior to upgrading, right? ;-)

> Very simple.. If you have the 7.3 CDs, just boot from the CD, and when the
> installation gui comes up, choose the 'upgrade existing...' option. Voila!
> You're done.

>>I have RH7.2 installed on laptop.
>>Can I upgrade to RH7.3 smoothly? I don't want
>>to lose all the configuration.

>>Thx in advance


1. RH 7.3 KDE3.0.1 RPMs with RH 7.2

I notice there are a few places where 3.0.1 rpms for RH 7.3 are up.

I'm only using RH 7.2 though it is quite current (and customized in places
=} ). Has anyone actually tried using the 7.3 rpms with 7.2? Just
curious... so far a rpm -test doesn't see anything wrong...

Other than the 586 vs 386 issue (I'm using a 686 anyway =} ), can anyone see
anything hideously stupid about trying this? Has anyone actually tried it?

Just wondering. Don't know enough about the differences between RH releases
to know if this is a stupid question so please educate if I am asking
something quite stupid...


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