sendmail on Red Hat 8 Linux -- connection refused on port 25 -- solution

sendmail on Red Hat 8 Linux -- connection refused on port 25 -- solution

Post by Ronald O. Christia » Wed, 23 Oct 2002 08:14:12

Well, I originally said I hoped there was a simple solution, and there

The DNS record for the machine (maintained elsewhere, not by me) was
pointing to an IP address of a different machine.  No matter what
changes I made to the local machine I couldn't affect the problem
because it was the WRONG DAMNED MACHINE.  Sorry... <deep breath> I'm
ok now...

Thanks for everyone's help, and I'm very sorry for trying your
patience.  In summary, the reason we were going around in circles on
this was that a basic assumption was incorrect.  Just goes to show,
always test your basic assumptions.

Thank you and good night.



1. sendmail problem (?) : telnet localhost 25 --> connection refused

I have a bit of a problem with sendmail. Here are the relevant facts :

- I have a static IP (
- Users can send mail to anyone anywhere from this host.
- Users can receive mail from people who are logged on to this host.
- No one can send mail *to* this machine *from elsewhere* -
   - they get a email from their local sendmail saying
     "cannot send message for 4 hours...connection refused...etc"
- No one can do : "telnet 25"
  (it just says "Unable to connect to remote host : connection refused")
- Anyone can do " telnet 23"
  (just the normal telnet prompt; no problem connecting)

Can someone please tell me what configuration file I need to edit to
make sendmail accept mail from outside of this host?  Oh, you may be
wondering how I got in this mess. It's from trying to manually upgrade
from an old redhat distribution to redhat 5.1 by installing all the
new rpm's ... bad idea perhaps..(?) ..actually it's gone alright
except for this mail problem.


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