won't boot..get "kernel panic: no init found.."

won't boot..get "kernel panic: no init found.."

Post by Stev » Tue, 13 Feb 2001 14:49:45

then the pc hangs. I have a copy of tomsrtbt and I can mount the hdd but I
don't know what do next. What file(s) am I interested in? I'm running RH 7.0

1. 3.0 won't boot, "no init" panic

I just installed OpenBSD on a new box, but when it boots, it always crashes
with a "no init" panic.  It is booting like normal until that point.  I have
reinstalled, deactivated things in BIOS (like USB, serial ports, parallel
ports, etc), changed partitioning, everything I can think of.

Anyone had an error like this?  Any help is appreciated.

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