Gnome RPM newbie

Gnome RPM newbie

Post by kguy » Tue, 11 Jun 2002 19:11:53

I am trying to install addition packages from the CD-Rom on my Redhat 7.2
machine using Gnome. After selecting the package and pressing the install
button, Gnome complains that there are some depency Problems. How can I let
Gnome solve these dependency problems for me just Yast does it? If there is
now way to do it how can I make sure that all required package are installed
before installing a given package?
Thanks for any hint.

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I'm new to Linux and have just installed Redhat 6.1.  I'm using the
Gnome RPM manager and it works great for rpm packages that came on the
6.1 CD, but when I try to load some packages that I've downloaded I
get the Error " Failed to open /var/lib/rpm/packages.rpm"  Am I doing
something wrong, or is there something I need to set?  Any help would
be appreciated.  Thanks

Oh, and one more less important item.  I installed 6.1 with Gnome, How
do I switch to KDE to try it out?  Do I have to re-install?

Dave Hyman

Dave Hyman

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