Setting up video capture hardware

Setting up video capture hardware

Post by Richard Deele » Thu, 23 Nov 2000 05:28:11

Question: What/where is info on setting up h/w under Linux
that is not already covered by the installation process ?
(video cards, mouse, CD etc. all working fine).

I have a Hauppage tuner card and various forms of apps/drivers
etc. (bttv, xawtv). Nothing doing. I think the problem may be
fundamental and related to IRQ/DMA issues but this is only
a guess. For example: if the modem is in use, any attempt to
access the video device returns a device in use error.

The tuner card works fine under Windows on the same machine
Everything is plug and play. The modem and the tuner card have
the same IRQ, but different addresses. There are no conflicts under
windows. Under Linux (if I don't use the modem), I am unable to
get anything but static noise. I am presuming that I have the
settings correct for the various apps and that I have all the
necessary modules loaded (which of couse may not be the case).

So, how do I go about configuring this in a way that keeps Linux
happy.  Is there a simple way to check at a very basic level that
the card is installed and responding correctly. Can I 'ping' it
in some way or otherwise ensure that step 1 is OK before I
go and mess with the apps/modules some more.  (RH 6.2).


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The Sony FunMail video camera and PCI video capture card is selling
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Maybe the Sony product is too new to show up in the video capture
project pages.  I also haven't managed to get my hands on one to
see whether the video capture adapter is a supported BrookTree one.
Has anyone else?



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