RHCE Exam Books - Suggestions Please

RHCE Exam Books - Suggestions Please

Post by Earl » Sun, 27 Oct 2002 17:26:17

Can any recommend a good comprehensive RHCE Exam Book? I checked Amazon and
Barnes & Noble and their number one book is RHCE Red Hat Certified Engineer
Linux Study Guide by S. Media and D. Anderson. However, I am a little turned
off by some of the reviews:

*This book is terrible, July 24, 2002

     Reviewer: AJ from USA

This book is full of mistakes and very unclear.
Here's an example.. When he introduces the POP protocol, he tells the reader
that it stands for Point of Presence as opposed to Post Office Protocol,
come on now. I was looking for a book to help prepare me for the RHCE, but
now, I don't trust any information that comes from this book, and I would
not recommend it to anyone who is even the slightest bit unfamiliar with
Linux or UNIX.
Since I have worked with Linux systems, I can tell the mistakes, and there
are many. It is a waste to even try to get something out of this book. I
have since purchased another book, so let's see how that one does.

* Waste of money, July 1, 2002

     Reviewer: A reader from Norwood MA

fdisk : it says linux comes with a non destructive partitioning utility
lilo : completely unclear about the different error messages.
mbr : says each disk partition will have an MBR
chapters on installation is useless.
Overall Barkakati book is hundred times useful.
Shame that I didn t know before spending money.

These reviews don't leave me feeling to optimistic about the book. Perhaps
someone can offer a better book, or one that might have helped them get