RH8.0 screen refresh rate

RH8.0 screen refresh rate

Post by Frank Rizz » Mon, 13 Jan 2003 09:17:36

How do I change screen refresh rate from default.  I want to set it to 75
Hertz.  Thanks



RH8.0 screen refresh rate

Post by Joe Ramirez, Jr » Mon, 13 Jan 2003 15:09:57

you have to know the vertical and horizontal refresh rates for your
monitor and put them into your XF86Config file per the manual "man
XF86Config" these can be found either in the manuals that came with the
monitor, or via the manufacturer's website.  and if you're lucky, on a
sticker on the back of the monitor. also, you will usually get the highest
refresh rate your monitor can handle at the resolution you use so if
you're dead set on having a 75Hz refresh rate you may have to change to a
resolution where that is the highest refresh rate.


> How do I change screen refresh rate from default.  I want to set it to 75
> Hertz.  Thanks

> --
> Frank


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 Takuya Kobayashi
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