Adelphia Power Link 2-way Cable Internet Connection

Adelphia Power Link 2-way Cable Internet Connection

Post by Frank E Harrell J » Tue, 12 Dec 2000 22:57:04

Is there a how-to for setting this up?  I see a nice one for
the cable/phone combo but not for two-way cable.  I would especially
like to set this up on RedHat 7.  Thanks in advance.
Frank E Harrell Jr              Prof. of Biostatistics & Statistics
Div. of Biostatistics & Epidem. Dept. of Health Evaluation Sciences
U. *ia School of Medicine*

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I will be getting the adelphi two way cable within couple of days. I am
using debian unstable with 2.2.18 kernel.  I already have
/etc/dhclient.conf and will place the following at
the beginnig (? or should be bottom?) /etc/dhclient.conf. The cable
company dynamicly assigns ip addresses every 3 hrs I heard.

interface "eth1" {
     send host-name "xxxxxxxxx-a";
     request subnet-mask, broadcast-address, routers,
domain-name-servers, domain-name;

Do I need to get other packages like dhcp?
Thanks, AS

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