RHT 6.2 Installation go hung at 'Installing Packages'

RHT 6.2 Installation go hung at 'Installing Packages'

Post by kwat » Sat, 23 Feb 2002 19:46:13

sorry for my poor english.

I need to install Redhat 6.2 (sorry for not 7.2) into my PC,
which has 100GB Harddisk(Western Digital ATA 100, CHS=12161/255/63).
And I got hung up installing at 'Installing Packages'.
No packages are installed.

I sliced harddisk like the following:
  primary 1 (10GB)    Win FAT32
  primary 2 ( 2GB)    Linux ext2
  primary 3 ( 1GB)    Linux swap
  extend  5 (87GB)    Linux ext2

# I heard that I should install linux within 1024 cylinder.
# But I'll boot from floppy, so I sure it is not problem.

I thought that the cause of hung-up was about recognizin harddisk,
which means about LBA32 or CHS.
I booted from CD-ROM with 'linux lba' or 'linux hda=12161,255,63',
but both were not be succeeded.

I have no more idea.
Could you give me any advices?



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a 2 GB hard disk.

The drive is set up as follows:
256 MB swap
100 MB /home
1.6 GB /

The base system and the installation of X Windows proceeds fine.
However, after selecting the local packages to install, the
installation really seems to slow down.  Eventually, pkg_add
exits with a -1 return code.

By 'slowing down,' it seems that at times during the installation
of the local packages, it will 'hang' on a 'blue screen'.  (The
'waiting for pkg_add' message gets erased which leaves a blue
screen with the cursor in the lower right corner.)  Usually, the
install will continue after about 2-5 minutes and then slow to
a halt again.  This will repeat until the install ends with an

Thinking that it could be the CD-ROM drive, I installed a new

Lastly, during numerous attempts, it doesn't seem to be the same
packages that returns the error.

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