Red Hat 7.2 installation fails to recognize the keyboard during installation

Red Hat 7.2 installation fails to recognize the keyboard during installation

Post by Brian Masini » Sat, 10 Nov 2001 09:56:16

I am using Red Hat 7.1 to post this message, proof that my
configuration was once supported.  I have a Compaq Presario,
using one of those Compaq Internet keyboards.  In Red Hat 7.1,
this keyboard gets recognized as a generic 105 key
U.S./International keyboard, and I can very easily install
and use my system without any problem at all.

Imagine my surprise when I attempted to install the 2 CD version
of Red Hat 7.2, only to discover, early in the installation process,
that my keyboard is not even recognized, no matter how I attempt
to identify it.

I've tried the standard installation, taking the defaults.
This worked beautifully in 7.1, not now.  I tried selecting a
variety of different keyboard styles; none responded to input.
I tried running the installation in text mode.  That was worse
- I couldn't do anything at all except shut the machine off
and try again.

Yet when I run Red Hat 7.1 or any of my other Linux systems,
everything still works great.

What's going on, where's the regression, and is there any way
I can work around this problem?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.  Let me know if any
additional information would be helpful.

Brian Masinick


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PS: BTW, the Red Hat Linux 7.1 installation worked but my graphic card isn't
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PPS: BTW, just in case there are any Compaq critics out there, Red Hat Linux
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