please recommend a console-based MP3 player

please recommend a console-based MP3 player

Post by Matt N » Wed, 17 Apr 2002 06:59:23

> Could someone please recommend a console-based MP3 player for Linux ?

> It must at least be able to play standard playlists.

> Thanks!

mp3blaster is a nice MP3 player. It seems to read standard playlists well


1. recommended hardware for dedicated MP3 player?

I would like to build a small Linux box strictly for playing MP3s.  I
would like to use my TV as the display for this box.  The sound output
will actually go to my stereo/receiver.  So the two most important
hardware recommendations I'm looking for are

    - quality sound card supported by Linux

    - video card with *TV output* supported by Linux

By "quality" sound card, I mean that I'd like to get something on the
higher-end of things (I realize I'm already taking a sound quality hit
by playing MP3s, but let's assume I'm using my computer as a CD, or
even DVD-audio player).  A sound card that had gold-plated digital
coaxial or optical output would be cool.

The video card doesn't have to be anything special, just so long as I
can use it with my TV.  I just want to be able to browse my MP3
collection, create and modify playlists, and control volume, etc.
Plain old text mode would suffice for this!  (Although
xmms+visualization plugins would be cool.  :)

Finally, I'd like to put this in a small case, since it's going to sit
in my living room.  Should I just buy a uATX (micro ATX) motherboard
and the smallest case I can find?  I obviously don't need much
processing power.

Thanks for any feedback/comments/suggestions!


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