request for help in Linux Redhat 8.0 ACLs

request for help in Linux Redhat 8.0 ACLs

Post by tech » Sun, 29 Jun 2003 22:51:50

Hi Techies/ Nerds/ Geeks,

 I'm working on Linux Rehat 8.0 and finding major problems in
implementing ACLs since last 2 months!!! Request u to pls help

Details of  my system:

I am working on Linux Red Hat 8.0/7.2 and using ACLs..
vsftpd daemon is installed for ftp service....have set all parameters
working fine..
i  have problem with only one group i.e. admin group - to assign read
and write permissions to more than one
group on the same directory - solution to this problem i found is if i
default acl on the directories then i dont need to do it for each
level of
users, if only set on  the first level of users it will inherit
Whenever i run the command setfacl with --test option it displays the
resulting entries but does not leave the effect of the displayed i am trying in test mode. If i dont use this option i
the error

"setfacl:<directory name/file name>:Function not implemented"


default umask:022

local_umask (in vsftpd.conf file):022 (so that when a user uploads a
through FTP the permissions are set accordingly)
chrooting is enabled..

the groups and users created are as follows:


ftpusers - all users will belong to this group ...this wont be the
group for any user....
admin - top authorities remaining in the list are different
petro - users belonging to these departments
harp -       "                     "
IT     -       "                      "
....and so on........

This way no. of departments present in organisation

Directory structure is as follows: (created by root user)
      (owner: root, group: ftpusers)
            -> Admin
                (owner:root, primary group:admin)
            (owner: root, primary group: petro)
                  (owner: root,primary group: petro)
            (owner: root, primary group: harp)
                  (owner: root, primary group: harp)
            (owner: root, primary group: IT)

group: admin
home directory: /FTPRead

group: petro
home directroy: /FTPRead

group: harp
home directroy: /FTPRead

group: IT
home directroy: /FTPRead

i want to set the default acl entry that will be set on admin group n
effect on FTPRead to do it?

let us.. once for a moment forget about ftp.. just create a directory
and groups consisting users....and then u want to give access to only
group on the whole will u set acl entries?

pl c if any1 can help me on this...

trillions of thanx in advance..would appreciate prompt reply

best regards,
techie indian