Customized installation with customized comps file...

Customized installation with customized comps file...

Post by Marian Step » Mon, 11 Nov 2002 03:14:53


I need to create customized installation of RedHat 7.3 distro. I
already schrunk distro to one CD and created working ks.cfg file. Now
I need to add some custom RPMs to Base install and modify comps file.
Is there resource on the web where I can find detailed description
what is neccessary to do to customize comps file, or somebody of you
guys already did so?

Please include copy to my e-mail address because this is a web post.
Thank you for help.



1. Customized FreeBSD Installation Media

I've just started to play around with customising FreeBSD a bit, with the
Goal to create my own installation-Media. But now I'm stuck somehow.
I've modified the
in my CVS-Repository to my convenience, i.e. added/changed:


Now, I made a
make release
All went through just fine, yet, when I booted my freshly created
miniinst.iso, my "Umlauts" and the german keymap was not loaded. Well,
just for the fun of it, I installed as is, and after the installation the
system boots up with my customized default, i.e. the fonts and the keymap.

Well, but that still won't fix my problem So I looked at the ISO I
created, and found in /boot/loader.conf:


Ok, there's a file called /boot/mfsroot.gz. I copied it somewhere,
ungzipped it and mounted it using mdconfig to /mnt Now, there also is an
etc/defaults directory inside that image, but no files in it. So I copied
my src/etc/defaults/rc.conf to it, umounted the image, gzipped it again
and recreated the ISO.

I hoped that this would solve my problem, but no, not at all.

However, maybe one of you guys can tell what I'll have to do to load the
correct font-set and keymap automatically when installing.

Thanks for your help!

Florian Schmidt

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