Problems installing New Packages

Problems installing New Packages

Post by Wil » Thu, 09 Nov 2000 07:11:10

I'm very new to linux, so I'm having some trouble installing any
packages I've downloaded off the net..

I go to the terminal, find the place where I've saved the .tar.gz
file, and type the usual stuff:

make .. blah.. etc..

It begins to work, then it gets to a part that says "Testing KDE
Libraries" - or something to that effect, and it cancels everything,
prints an error to the screen asking if I "am using the same compiler
to install this program as I used to install QT" and quits.

Any help?



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I have Linux Redhat 7.3 and I want to install new packages.
I have inserted installation CD1 and started kpackage. The problem is that
this reads only the packages on this CD and not on the other Redhat CDs.

I have used SuSE Linux before. The configuration program YATS allows to
select packages
which are to be installed. Then it requests to insert the correct CD(s).

How can I achieve this using Redhat?


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