Package dependencies

Package dependencies

Post by Bria » Sat, 31 Aug 2002 16:26:22

I installed RH last night and now I'm in the process of installing software
that I used when I had Mandrake installed.  Now some of the software that
I'm downloading is dependent on other packages, mostly libraries and
languages, if memory serves.

Is there a quick and dirty way to find out what I have so I can see what I
need to install?  Or, alternatively, is there a way to still install that
same stuff (including the dependencies) off of my Mandrake cd's?

I'd sure appreciate your ideas.



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I would like to set up a system as described in the Linux from Scratch
book, however I would also like the following additions: XMMS/CD Player (so
that requires sound of some sort), GQView, KDE with IceWM (XFree86 of
course), and Abiword.  If anyone could be so kind as to list the required
packages I would have to install, I would be VERY appreciative.  


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