UGLY Icon fonts in Redhat 7

UGLY Icon fonts in Redhat 7

Post by mpierc » Thu, 09 Nov 2000 05:30:43

Under KDE2, you can change the fonts in the Control Center under look &
feel. To really get a better look, you need to install true type fonts in
/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/TrueType/ as these are the most scalable.

If you are running, X4.01 it will use these additional fonts. I installed
the Microsoft WIN fonts which are excellent and used by a lot of web
designers. You can view them at

There are a lot of free TT fonts available on the web for download. A
good source to go to is:

> I've just installed RedHat 7 and could not help but notice the God
> Aweful fonts under the desktop icons. I used to run Mandrake 7.1 and I
> considered downloading 7.2 but I find Mandrake is very KDE centered.

> But, how the heck do I change the icons fonts. They certainly did not
> look like this when I ran Mandrake.

> Anyhelp would be much appreciated.

> Bones


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Hi All and thanks in advance.

I'm running X on RedHar 5.2 and in some apps (applix, StarOffice50, WP8)
the screen fonts are terrible.  I've searched the net and come up with
nothing on this.  I've tried every font available and at best, they look
terrible on screen.  They do *print* "correctly".  I can live with it,
but it sure doesn't impress people who see it and then make rude
comments about "linux"...  Any suggestions on this one appreciated!

Also, I'm running KDE as my personal windowmanager and would like to
expand the availability of icons for it.  Also looked around the net and
didn't find anything useful for this.  Lots of fonts in other formats,
but it appears that (at least) KDE wants .xpm icons.  Any suggestions or
pointers appreciated!

Thanks again!

Take care, Vikki.

"Walking on water and developing software to specification are
easy as long as both are frozen" - Edward V. Berard.

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