/proc - how to find and access the file table of a process?

/proc - how to find and access the file table of a process?

Post by Henri Henneber » Tue, 05 Mar 2002 20:44:07

Hello everybody,

Here is my problem:
I would like to display the number of characters of a spooled print file
already sent to the remote destination (context: tarantella 3.20 - not
the lpd spool).

A high level solution:

1) Given the file path, find the inode # and the mounted filesystem.

2) Search the inode table to find the corresponding entry (via the /proc ?)

3) Search for the process using this inode entry (normally only one)

4) Search the process fd table to find the current position in file

I have no idea where to start my exploration (yes ls -i is a good start).

Any help or pointer is really welcome.



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